1. Here’s the latest from my friend’s band originally from MA, now based out of Los Angeles. So glad C86’d covered this.

    Speaking of, if you’re a fellow tape luvr, check out C86’d!



    The Devil and a Penny is a band out of the endlessly sunny sprawl that is Los Angeles. After listening to their newest release several times, a six track EP called Repair, I still can’t truly pin down The Devil and a Penny’s sound. There’s a folk-base here to be sure, but the songs never…

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  2. Here’s my latest video edit for Sunglasses' track “Cold Shoulder” off of  their forthcoming Wildlife LP. (Mush Records, Release Date: November 13, 2012) // mushrecords.com/release/MH286.php


  3. 420 defenders :: “on all 4’s in heaven” 
     produced by mike chew // 420 defenders 
    mixed by dylan gough // new neighbor records


  4. 420 Defenders - Beauty Rest 

    My latest video edit for 420 Defenders. Enjoy! 



  5. Blown away by this mind-melting 10 minute jam by 420 Defenders. They’re offering the mp3 up at a “name your price” option, so you have no excuse not to make it yours. 


  6. Snow Wite :: “Aphrodite” [MP3]

    Andy Cary (of Golden Girls fame) does it again! Loving this new track. Enjoy the free mp3. 


  7. Beach House :: “Myth” (off of Bloom)


  8. Girls - Myma

    plays: 20


    1. Myma :: Girls
    2. Blue Lebaron :: Real Estate
    3. Spring Song (Glossolalia) :: In India
    4. Truss Me :: Lower Dens
    5. Into Black :: Blouse
    6. Mind Daze :: Psychic Ills
    7. Wishful Thinking :: 420 Defenders
    8. Little City :: Between Tall Saints and Sinners
    9. Funeral Song :: Minks
    10. There’s A Willow :: Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
    11. Outer Limits :: Sleep Over
    12. Open Heart Surgery :: The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    13. Water Wheel One :: Julian Lynch
    14. Ginger (Water Birth) :: Bobby
    15. Grounded :: Pavement